One-Dimensional Computational Topology

CS 598 JGE, Fall 2017

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Homeworks are released roughly every other week, to give you an opportunity to play with the course material. Homework problems vary in difficulty from straightforward sanity-checking exercises to open research problems.

I do not expect complete solutions from every student for every problem, or even every non-starred problem, but please make a good faith effort.

I do not plan to write up official solutions, but I will distribute some model student solutions (assuming the authors agree).


Homework solutions can be submitted via Gradescope, because I am fond of losing both important emails and important pieces of paper.


Each (non-starred) homework problem will be "graded" on a simple four-point scale:
  1. Missing or not even wrong
  2. Good-faith effort but not correct
  3. Partial solution with significant gaps
  4. Good solution with a few minor issues
  5. Model solution
Again, these scores are meant to be useful feedback to help you better understand the course material. Course grades are primarily based on the end-of-semester project.


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