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Items marked >> should be of particular interest to computational geometers. Items marked [NEW!] have recently appeared or changed.

I guess this is the best place to mention Janice Walker's MLA-Style Citation Format for Electronic Resources, which describes citation formats for PostScript preprints, mailing list messages, Web pages, and so forth, in a style consistent with the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

>> The Geometry Literature Database

The Geometry Literature Database is a BibTEX database of papers in computational geometry, maintained as a collective effort by members of the computational geometry community, under the gentle supervision of Bill Jones at the University of Saskatchewan. Bill releases revisions of the database three times a year. The most recent revision was released on [NEW!] December 8, 1998. It contains 12903 entries and requires just under 4 Mb of disk space. Bill's announcement of the latest release has more details.

If you use this database regularly, please read the detailed information, especially what it says about ``many hands make light work''. Please help maintain the database by checking references to your own work, adding entries that you find are missing, and correcting entries in which you find errors. Nobody else can do this more accurately or more efficiently. [NEW!] Updates for the next release of the bibliography should be sent to Bill, in "diff -c" format, by the week of March 8, 1998.

Over the last few years, the number of incorrect or unusable GeomBib entries has grown alarmingly. Papers are listed with incorrect titles, missing authors, incorrect or missing page numbers, misspelled journal names, overly abbreviated conference names, and so on. My guess is that roughly 5% of the entries in the current release contain a mistake of some kind! Contributions to GeomBib should be correct, complete, and consistent with the rest of the bibliography. Bill does a marvelous job maintaining the bibliography; it is unreasonable to expect him to verify, much less correct, every submitted entry. Authors and contributors need to do this themselves. Please correct references to your own work, and please verify each new entry against the actual source before submitting it. Britta Landgraf's program BibConsist can be a big help, but it can only detect inconsistencies, not errors in isolated entries, and those inconsistencies must still be corrected by hand. Obviously, no project of this size can be perfect, but we can do better.

Other Bibliographies



Technical Report and Preprint Services

The first and best place to look for a preprint is (still!) the author's web page, but if that doesn't work...
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