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This page contains pointers to other people's pointers to computational geometry stuff. If you don't find something on one of my geometry pages, it's bound to be on one of these.

Items marked >> should be of particular interest to computational geometers. Items marked [NEW!] have been recently added or modified.

Really Important Stuff

These are the pages you should know about even if you don't know about anything else.

Computational Geometers

Other Computational Geometry Pages

Shorter or less focused lists are also maintained by dozens of other people, including Daciana Bochis, Howie Choset, José Coelho de Pina, Felipe Contreras, Tom Dube, Christer Ericson, Reda Fayek, Jean-Albert Ferrez, Robin Flatland, Bernd Gärtner, Mike Goodrich, Joakim Gudmundsson, Alejo Hausner, Doug Ierardi, Changkil Lee, Javier Llach and J. Salvador Sanchez, Anil Maheshwari, Alan Natowitz, Mike Neuhauser, Sriram Pemmaraju, Rob Salgado, Chan-Su Shin, Nora Sleumer, Mike Soss, Steve Sullivan, Neils Voosten, Alexander Wolff, M. I. Woodcock, Paul Zeller, and the folks at Academic Info, CGAL, and Yahoo!


See also Geometric Application Areas.
Computational Geometry Pages
by Jeff Erickson
Last update: 11 Nov 1998
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