Computational Geometry

This page lists journals that publish research and expository papers in computational geometry and closely related fields.

Journals marked >> either explicitly solicit computational geometry papers or are cited frequently in the Geometry Literature Database. Items marked [NEW!] have recently appeared or changed. If articles are available electronically, a list of available formats is given in parentheses. Unless indicated otherwise, electronic contents are available only to current subscribers or at subscribing institutions.

Rob Kirby, a mathematics professor at Berkeley, recently published an open letter discussing the rising subscription prices of mathematics journals. Although he doesn't include them in his discussion, exactly the same issues apply to discrete mathematics and computer science journals.

The annotations MathSciNet, HBP, DB&LP, Search, ACM, and CSBib indicate bibliographies or search pages for the journal that are part of a larger bibliography collection. These annotations are explained on a separate web page. Most of these journals are also (at least partially) indexed in the Geometry Literature Database.

Upcoming special issues are listed on a separate web page.

Primary Computational Geometry Journals


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Related Journals

Algorithms and Complexity

Computer graphics and other applications


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by Jeff Erickson
Last update: 09 Nov 1998
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