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My main research interests are computational geometry, computational topology, and graph algorithms. Specific problem areas I have worked on include basic questions in combinatorial geometry and topology; analysis of realistic geometric inputs; geometric range searching; algorithms for continuously changing data; flows, cuts, shortest paths, and other structures in planar and surface graphs; and applications of geometry and topology to combinatorial optimization, computer graphics, robotics, spatial and temporal databases, and mesh generation.

Almost all of my research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, under an Mathematical Sciences Research Postdoctoral Fellowship, a CAREER award (CCF-0093348), and several other grants (DMR-0121695, CCF-0219594, DMS-0528086, CCF-0915519, OCI-0948393, CCF-1408763, and CCF-1725544). I was also supported by a Sloan Research Fellowship from 1999 to 2002.

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I came in late to Jeff Erickson's 8:30 pm talk on "Lower Bounds in Computational Geometry." Jeff's a CS grad student at Berkeley, and when I emailed Yarvin to ask if he knew this guy Jeff who did theoretical computational geometry, he responded, "Theoretical computational geometry makes me ill."
Thomas Colthurst, "What's a Nice Mathematician Like You Doing In a Place Like This?" (1993)