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My main research interests are computational geometry, computational topology, and graph algorithms. Specific problem areas I have worked on include basic questions in combinatorial geometry and topology; analysis of realistic geometric inputs; geometric range searching; algorithms for continuously changing data; flows, cuts, shortest paths, and other structures in planar and surface graphs; and applications of geometry and topology to combinatorial optimization, computer graphics, robotics, spatial and temporal databases, and mesh generation. I am also (slowly) transitioning into computer science education research.

Almost all of my research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, under a Mathematical Sciences Research Postdoctoral Fellowship, a CAREER award (CCF-0093348), and several other grants (DMR-0121695, CCF-0219594, DMS-0528086, CCF-0915519, OCI-0948393, CCF-1408763, and CCF-1725544). I was also supported by a Sloan Research Fellowship from 1999 to 2002.

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I came in late to Jeff Erickson's 8:30 pm talk on "Lower Bounds in Computational Geometry." Jeff's a CS grad student at Berkeley, and when I emailed Yarvin to ask if he knew this guy Jeff who did theoretical computational geometry, he responded, "Theoretical computational geometry makes me ill."
Thomas Colthurst, "What's a Nice Mathematician Like You Doing In a Place Like This?" (1993)