Computational Geometry

CS 498 TC, Spring 2022

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Some aspects of this syllabus may change as the semester progresses; I will announce any significant changes well in advance of their effect.

CS 374 or an equivalent undergraduate algorithms course. Specifically, this course assumes a solid background in the following: Familiarity with discrete probability and basic linear algebra is also helpful.

Recommended Reading
Most of my lectures will follow these sources fairly closely.

I will provide additional typeset lecture notes and/or paper links as necessary. You can find additional useful references on the resources page.

Like most 400-level computer science classes at Illinois, this class can be taken either for 3 credits or 4 credits. (For administrative purposes, there are two separate 3-credit sections, one for undergraduates and one for graduate students, but they are identical.)

By default, the 4-credit section is available only to graduate students. However, undergraduates can earn honors credit by doing the additional work required for the 4-credit section. Please ask me for details.

Course grades are based on 4–6 biweekly(ish) homework assignments, a midterm exam, a take-home final exam, and (for 4-credit students only) a paper presentation. Homework averages will be based on the highest $c\cdot k$ homework scores, where $c$ is the number of credits (3 or 4) and $k$ is the number of homework assignments.

Class-Specific Policies
We will follow essentually the same course policies as CS 473. In particular:
Class-Agnostic Policies and Resources