Computational Geometry
Interactive Software

This page lists geometric programs that can be run intractively over the Internet, primarily (but not exclusively) Java applets. Alon Efrat maintains a similar page of Java-animated algorithm demos.

If you're looking for downloadable software, see Nina Amenta's Directory of Computational Geometry Software at the Geometry Center or my own pages of software libraries and individual programs.

Items marked >> are recommended. Items marked [NEW!] have been recently added or modified. Unless otherwise specified, a Java-capable browser is required to run these demos, and source code is not available.

Delaunay Triangulations and Voronoi Diagrams

See also the implementation page from Christopher Gold's site

Enough already!!


Maybe it's time to break this up.
Java is our last and best hope of making software you write once and runs anywhere. If we screw this up, we are all enormous losers.
- Jeff Papows, president of Lotus,
in his opening address at Comdex 1997,
as misquoted by The New York Times Syndicate

Computational Geometry Pages
by Jeff Erickson
Last update: 08 Oct 1998
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