Computational Geometry
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This page lists large collections and libraries of geometric software. Unless otherwise specified, C or C++ source code is available for all programs. There are separate pages devoted to smaller or more specific downloadable programs and programs that can be run interactively over the Web.

Caveat Surfor! I can't make any claims about the usefulness or quality of the programs listed here. I don't have the time or equipment to try them all. If you have experience with any of these programs, either positive or negative, please tell me about it.

Items marked >> should be of particular interest to computational geometers. Items marked [NEW!] have been recently added or modified.

>> Directory of Computational Geometry Software

Nina Amenta maintains a comprehensive Directory of Computational Geometry Software at the Geometry Center. Look there first! Almost everything useful you see on this page is listed there, and lots more. Nina's page is also a lot better organized than this one.

Joe O'Rourke reviews the Directory in "Computational Geometry Column 28", appeared in the June 1996 issue of SIGACT News.

Read about the NSF's plans to shut down the Geometry Center.

Table of Contents (as of 28 Jan 97)

Integrated Libraries

These are packages that implement several different geometric algorithms and are intended to be used as a unit. Smaller, more specific programs are listed on a separate Web page. See also my page of research groups.

Other Collections

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by Jeff Erickson
Last update: 08 Oct 1998
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