New Toads and Frogs results

In Games of No Chance, Richard J. Nowakowski, editor, pages 299-310.
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications 29, Cambridge University Press, 1996.
We present a number of new results for the combinatorial game Toads and Frogs. We begin by presenting a set of simplification rules, which allow us to split positions into independent components or replace them with easily computable numerical values. Using these simplication rules, we prove that there are Toads and Frogs positions with arbitrary numerical values and arbitrarily high temperatures, and that any position in which all the pieces are contiguous has an integer value that can be computed quickly. We also give a closed form for the value of any starting position with one frog, and derive some partial results for two-frog positions. Finally, using a computer implementation of the rules, we derive new values for a large number of starting positions.

Publications - Jeff Erickson ( 22 May 2000