I'm a computational geometer/topologist with more general interests in algorithms, data structures, and lower bounds. Sometimes I'm the area chair for the CS department's theory group. I teach mostly large algorithms classes; you might find my lecture notes useful. Exactly half of my former PhD students have tenure. From 2013 to 2016, I was an associate department head and chair of the faculty recruiting committee. I have the lowest undergraduate GPA (2.4/4.0) of any professor I've ever met, although some of my colleagues came close, and some others never finished college at all. (I really shouldn't be proud of that.) I like pancakes.

Praxis tendatum docebit. [Practice will teach those who try.]
— Carl Friedrich Gauß, describing the fast Fourier transform (c. 1805)

Man muß jederzeit an Stelle von „Punkte, Geraden, Ebenen“ „Tische, Stühle, Bierseidel“ sagen können. [One must always be able to say “tables, chairs, beer mugs” in place of “points, lines, planes”.]
— David Hilbert to Otto Blumenthal, on the axiomatic method in mathematics

I believe in the third dimension, but not the other two.
James "Kibo" Parry