CS 225 Honors Lectures Homework

CS 225 Honors — Spring 2024

This semester's honors section of CS 225 will dive deeper into the theoretical design, analysis, and application of data structures. The canon of data structures that everyone learns in CS 225 is just the beginning of a much bigger collection of toys—or, if you insist, tools.

Potential topics include sequence data structures (stacks, queues, steques, quacks, deques, dynamic arrays, catenable lists, list ordering), amortized analysis, time/space tradeoffs, self-adjusting data structures, competitive analysis, disjoint-set data structures, randomized data structures, ordered dictionaries (AVL trees, red-black trees, splay trees, scapegoat trees, treaps, skip lists), priority queues (binary heaps, Fibonacci heaps, quake heaps, pairing heaps), text data structures (ropes), and geometric data structures (range trees, interval trees, sweepline algorithms, multilevel search trees). Obviously we won't cover everything in this list.

Jeff Erickson (jeffe@illinois.edu)
Anakin Dey anakind2@illinois.edu>
Monday 5:00–6:00, 0216 Siebel, starting January 22.
Office Hours
  • Jeff: Friday 2-3pm In the open area next to Jeff's office (3237 Siebel)
  • Anakin: Saturday 3-4 PM in Siebel CS basement
See also the #honors channel on the CS 225 Discord

How to Enroll
If you are a James Scholar: (click to show/hide)
Register for CS 225 section AH (CRN 70578) in addition to your regular lecture and lab sections, and submit an Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) with your college.

As a "description of special work to be completed for honors credit" in the HCLA, write "Additional exercises on data structure design and analysis".

Each college runs its own independent James Scholar program, and different colleges have different deadlines for submitting HCLAs. These are the deadlines I have found online, in chronological order, but you should confirm your deadline well in advance with your college advisor:

You must also submit a PDF version of your HCLA on Gradescope before Spring Break.

Satisfactory completion of the honors coursework earns you an "H" after your CS 225 grade (assuming that grade is B– or better), which has no effect on your GPA.

If you are not a James Scholar: (click to show/hide)
Register for CS 199 section 225 (CRN 61879) in addition to your regular lecture and lab sections.

Satisfactory completion of the honors coursework earns you a grade of "S" (satisfactory) in CS 199–225, which has no effect on your GPA.

There will be a short written homework assignment each week. Teams of up to three students can submit joint solutions. See the homework page for more details. There are no exams or programming assignments; you already have enough of those.

There is no required textbook, but the following references may be helpful. (Beware: Different authors may use different naming conventions and/or different "standard" APIs.)
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