CS 225 Honors Lectures Homework


I post links to lecture videos and scribbles a day or two after each lecture. I also provide links to my own lecture notes and/or portions of the references that cover similar material, usually with more technical detail. I will fill in a tentative list of future topics over time.
Mon Jan 29
O(·) and Ω(·) notation; amortized analysis; Array-lists
[video, scribbles, makeup video, makeup scribbles, notes, Morin 2.1–2.2, Mount 2, Radge 3.2]
Mon Feb 05
More amortized analysis: stacks, queues, steques, and quacks
[video, scribbles, notes (see also HW2)]
Mon Feb 12
More amortized analysis: array-list concatenation, tombstones
[video, scribbles, notes (see also HW3)]
Mon Feb 19
Scapegoat trees
[video, scribbles, notes, Morin 8, Mount 15]
Mon Feb 26
Scapegoat tree insertion analysis; augmented binary search trees
[video, scribbles, notes]
Mon Mar 04
Splay trees, Ropes
[video, scribbles, notes (see also HW5), Mount 10]
Mon Mar 11
No lecture — Spring break
Mon Mar 18
Mergeable priority queues: Leftist heaps, binomial heaps
[video, scribbles, notes, Mount 5]
Mon Mar 25
Faster priority queues: Fibonacci heaps and pairing heaps
[video, scribbles, notes]
Mon Apr 01
Range-minimum and lowest-common-ancestor queries
[video, scribbles, notes; MIT video, MIT scribbles, MIT notes; Bender–Farach-Colton paper]
Mon Apr 08
Range trees and segment trees — Live lecture canceled for the solar eclipse
[video, scribbles, notes]
Mon Apr 15
No lecture — Jeff was sick
Mon Apr 22
Sweep-line algorithms
[video, scribbles, David Mount's computational geometry notes]
Mon Apr 29
[Joint with SIGma] Hashlife
[video, slides (without animations), Gosper's 1984 paper, G4G video,
John Williamson's Python implementation, Golly]