CS 225 Honors Lectures Homework


Submit your PDF solutions on Gradescope; see below for more details.
Web Feb 07
Homework 1: dynamic array-lists [solutions]
Mon Feb 12
Homework 2: steques and quacks [solutions]
Mon Feb 19
Homework 3: PullMany and PushClones [solutions]
Tue Feb 27
Homework 4: rebalancing with little extra space [solutions]
Tue Mar 05
Homework 5: kd-trees [solutions]
Fri Mar 08
HCLA due from James Scholars
Tue Mar 12
No homework due — Spring break
Tue Mar 19
Homework 6: concatenating and reversing strings [solutions]
Tue Mar 26
Homework 7 extended to next week
Tue Apr 02
Homework 7: lazy range updates (double credit!) [solutions]
Tue Apr 09
Homework 8 extended to next week, because I forgot to post it
Tuw Apr 16
Homework 8: “meet” queries in unrooted trees [solutions]
Tuw Apr 23
Homework 9 [solutions]
Tuw Apr 30
Homework 10 [solutions]

Homework Policies

Homeworks are due on Gradescope each Monday Tuesday at 9pm unless announced otherwise. Each homework can be submitted up to 24 hours late for a 1-point penalty. (See the grading scale below.)

Each homework will be graded on a four-point scale:
  1. Surprising/impressive/above and beyond (rare)
  2. Completely clear and correct — “full credit”
  3. Mostly clear and mostly correct
  4. Significant progress toward a correct solution
  5. Good-faith effort, with evidence that you understood the problem, but incorrect (hopefully rare)
  6. No submission, completely confused, or bad faith (hopefully very rare)

Satisfactory completion of the honors section requires earning more than 19.99 homework points. (I reserve the right to lower that threshold.)

Teams of up to three students can submit joint solutions; students are responsible for forming their own teams. We strongly encourage everyone to work together in larger groups, but each team must write up their own solutions in their own words and list their other collaborators. We also encourage you to use any resources at their disposal, whether human, paper, or electronic, but each team must cite every source that it used.

Every homework submission must include an explicit list of all sources and collaborators, even if that list is empty. Submissions without such a list will not be graded.

Submit your written homework solutions as PDF files on Gradescope. You can enroll yourself on the course Gradescope page with the entry code NPNK6N.

Exactly one member of each homework team should submit the team's solution and identify all other team members on Gradescope.

You can submit as often as you like, but you must identify your teammates in every submission, and only the last submission will actually be graded. In particular, if your last submission is after the deadline, the late penalty will apply, even if you previously submitted a full-credit solution before the deadline.

We strongly recommend typesetting your homework, especially if you have sloppy handwriting. We recommend using LaTeX, but you are welcome to use whatever program and/or markup language you like. We will provide a LaTeX template for homework solutions.

You are welcome to submit PDF scans of hand-written homework solutions, provided they are clear and easy to read. We strongly recommend writing with black ink on white unlined paper. Please use a scanning app to improve readability; submissions containing raw photographs or screen captures will not be graded. Please do not submit your first draft.