Computational Geometry
Job Announcements

Each of these job announcements specifically mentions computational geometry or a closely related field. Most of these were taken from the Computing Research Association's job listings, the Usenet newsgroup comp.theory, and the COMPGEOM, DMANET, and TheoryNet mailing lists. Please send me ( email if you know of a relevant position that should be listed here.

Each announcement is kept here until at least two weeks after its application deadline, or if no application deadline is given, until the position begins. Unless otherwise indicated, all announced positions are in a computer science department (or its equivalent) and begin Fall 1999.

Announcements marked >> specifically request applicants with experience in computational geometry. Items marked [NEW!] have been recently added or modified.

Local Announcements

More General Job Listings

Comments following each link reflect my personal experience during my own recent faculty job search; your mileage may vary.
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by Jeff Erickson
Last update: 18 Oct 1998
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