The Computational Geometry
Impact Task Force Report

In April 1996, Bernard Chazelle's Computational Geometry Impact Task Force published a report entitled "Application Challenges to Computational Geometry". Anyone interested in computational geometry or geometric computing is strongly encouraged to read it!


Soon after the report's publication, comments by David Avis and Komei Fukuda sparked a lively discussion on the compgeom-discuss mailing list of some of the issues raised in the impact report. The same issues are still being discussed at computational geometry meetings - at SoCG 1998, for example, there was a panel discussion on "The Theory/Applications Interface" - but activity on the mailing lists has died off.

Related Events and Resources

The impact report lists several relevant resources, almost all of which can be found on this web site.
We can find no evidence of the methods proposed in the C[omputational ]G[eometry] literature actually being used, in spite of the fact they have been widely known for many years.
- David Avis and Komei Fukuda
"Comments on Application Challenges to Computational Geometry"

[There was a] joke at one meeting a few years ago that first, people try to do pure theory. If there are no jobs there, they try computational geometry. Finally, only if necessary to avoid starving do they teach applications. However, this isn't a joke. This leads to bad computational geometry, and to worse applications.

- Wm. Randolf Franklin
"My Response to Application Challenges To Computational Geometry"

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